Letzten Freitag im Folkclub Bonn

Schön wars, und die Bonner Blogger sind eifrig!

Fußball gegen Folk Club im September – 1:1

Folk-Club Bonn, Bericht von Detlef Stachetzki

Strings ‘n’ things–Bonn Folk Club September

3songsbonn, englisch, mit sehr schönen Fotos

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  1. kuuh sagt:

    Greetings from Izmayil, where it snowed/sleeted for 4 days stagirht. Finally the snow has stopped here, & we had a dazzling, sunny day today, although still fairly cold (about 12F tonight). I think we have a little over a foot of snow here, & they are not equipped to handle it. No plows, salt or sand, & most of the cars are rear-wheel drive (no snow tires.) The roads are in rough shape, but some taxis are able to get through to the internot. We understand the road to Odessa has been closed for a good part of the week. The internot has power and the kids there are OK. If anyone reading this has a child in the Izmayil internot they would like us to check on please email me at alycia.goody@gmail.com. Our court date is Tuesday (God willing) and we will be spending the 10 days here so will be visiting the internot regularly. Stay warm and all in the storm’s path are in our prayers. Alycia and John

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